Move on to building the strong
brand for your business —
I'II show the way

Brand Developer, entrepreneur,
Creative Director of Brand to GO studio
Move on to building the strong brand for your business —
I'II show the way

Brand Developer, entrepreneur,
Creative Director of Brand to GO studio
15 years experience in marketing strategy and branding let me help entrepreneurs to build brands that people wants to follow and buy.
Positioning strategy, brand identity, design, website and social media content, experience marketing — together we explore all points of contact with the audience, build an emotional connection between the brand and your customers, leading the business away from price competition.
Branding is more than visual identity 👀
Modern design, clear communication and the genius idea behind them add brand value and allow you to spend less on ads but sell more.
Don't guess, research: your target audience, competitors, business - find out how to build the brand and promote it on the market.
Develop brand DNA and marketing strategy.
Focus on the brand identity that the target audience associates with and pays extra for.
Let's bring the strategy to life through communication platforms, website and social media. Create the content that pushes customers to become the brand advocates.
Behind every beautiful picture in these cases is a deep analysis, a creative brand strategy, interesting texts and my admiration for entrepreneurs who create something new.
Anna Yermakova
Brand Developer
Webvizio SaaS startup
Brand strategy: value positioning, brand identity (DNA), brand essence, tonality. Creative idea of visual brand identity and corporate identity system.
Webvizio is productivity software allows create tasks, collaborate, and control execution on live website.

There are many identical projects on the market: a single algorithm for storytelling, layout, the standard scheme "cover-> who we are-> our advantages-> partners" and everywhere We-We-We. To stand out from the background of other players - boring, refined, "ideal" - you just need to build communication on the site outside of templates.
The role of the brand: a colleague whom you trust, who will support, cover. The brand is a meticulous geek colleague, a corporate bro.
Tone of voice: not businesslike and complex, but informal. Friendly, but not familiar, while maintaining boundaries.
Perhaps interspersed with professional terms, phraseological units, known specifically among developers, designers, IT project managers.
Communication is built on honesty, awareness, the desire to be frank, without trying to sell something.
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Jernigan's cigar club.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Rebranding: brand DNA and creative positioning idea.
Visual identity, brand book.
The task is to renew the brand, preserving its identity and creating the basis for the development of a chain of bars in Pittsburgh and across America.
Audience: doctors, lawyers, workers. Core motives for visiting are communication, socializing, "solving world problems", discussing the political situation, business. Relax, listen to jazz, mini vacation for two hours.
Jernigan's is a brand with history. The bar was founded at the end of the 20th century by JERNIGAN FRANK the founder of Jernigan's Tobacco Village. Over the decades, it has changed owners and survived crises.
Jernigan's designed positioning is about the endless time, history that keeps on evolving, retro that always has value. The Jernigan's brand is like a vintage car from an auction that, after renovation, looks its age, but is updated inside, runs like clockwork and is young at heart. The brand's new style is devoid of randomness: a noble, but not ordinary, palette of colors, more modern, but still with classic fonts. Strength in simplicity.
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I've got the Marketing Degree in 2008 (diploma with honors) , but the best education for me is constant practice.
I developed and managed of 100+ brands, from the FIFA World Cup to Coca-Cola, created the brand identity and websites from the ground for more than 55 small businesses.

Thanks to my clients
we made a lot together 💪
keep in touch with you online
from anywhere in the world
zoom/telegram/whatsapp/google meet
2-3 days
€ 1000
€ 750
You pre-fill the brief, I analyze the positioning, audience, competitors, brand, identify "blind spots" and prepare material for the meeting, where we analyze your situation. At the exit:
1) Concrete recommendations on research, brand strategy, content.
2) Key points about errors and procedures.
3) A ready-made brief for designers.
4) Recording of the meeting broadcast.
book service
3-4 weeks
€ 6 500/landing page
If you already know your target audience and have decided on the positioning, it's time to pack:
1) A series of interviews, structuring the meanings of the business, product, brand.
2) Development of the logic and dramaturgy of the presentation of information.
3) Rewrite texts to make them easy and pleasant to read.
4) Layout of the prototype of the site on the constructor service and web design.
Order website
1-1,5 hours
€ 150
€ 100
I answer questions on the following topics: business packaging, branding, website development, visual identity, personal brand, social media content. Video for memories :)
make appointment
1/3/6 months
from € 1 000/month
Support during the launch or rebranding phase. The brand is built over time through content, design, advertising messages, image events - step by step. I am preparing a mentorship program. We hold weekly sessions to set goals and evaluate the activities implemented by your team in the context of the impact on the brand.
Discuss Collaboration
As a digital nomad I spend 50/50 of my time traveling around the world
I share business cases (in Russian) that i noticed on YouTube and instagram blogs.
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We live in the world of brands: in the long run, it is not the one with the largest advertising budget that wins, but the one who was able to better understand their audience, stand out from competitors, create a memorable brand image and an attractive atmosphere around the business. My approach improves the efficiency of all promotion channels, saves you time and increases business profitability.